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The Benefits of Dental Implants

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the benefits of dental implants

Today’s blog concludes our two-part blog series on the benefits of dental implants (and when it is a suitable alternative to tooth replacement.) 

As an overview, dental implants are prosthetics that are used as a safe and effective way to replace tooth roots and missing teeth with realistic artificial teeth that both have the look and functionality of real teeth. We wanted to take today to delve into the many benefits of dental implants… and why they’re the preferred option of so many patients!

One of the Most Immediate Benefits of Dental Implants? Improved Speech and Appearance

Missing teeth or poorly-fitted dentures can equal lisping, slurred words, or mumbling— as well as self-consciousness for some. Due to the natural fit of dental implants, patients who opt for them find an immediate improvement in both speech and appearance.

Better Functionality For Eating

A point that goes hand-in-hand with speech and appearance is functionality. Rather than dentures getting entrapped in sticky substances or missing teeth making your favourite meats a chore to chew through, one of the benefits of dental implants is the ability to once again enjoy the food you want, when you want.

Unbeatable Convenience 

The combination of their natural look, lifetime-wear, and level of comfort makes dental implants a much more popular option than dentures, especially due to them being a one-time cost for the majority of patients. 

The Gateway to a Healthier Mouth

Dental implants serve as a gateway to a healthier mouth by filling empty tooth sockets, guarding them from degenerating over time; protecting the loss of jawbone density caused by missing teeth; and ensuring that natural teeth do not become misaligned. The result? A healthier mouth for life, with none of the inconvenience that dentures provide.

Looking for even more information on how long dental implants last, dental implants candidacy, and dental implants replacements? Be sure to check out Part One of our dental implants overview: “How Long Do Dental Implants Last?”

Visit Us Today to Experience the Benefits of Dental Implants First-Hand

Dentistry is ever-changing, and we here at Dentistry on Danforth make sure that we are always changing along with it. From new developments, to best practices, to prioritizing patient care, our team ensures that you feel good about both your procedure and your overall experience in the office.

Visit us today to experience the benefits of dental implants first-hand; your initial consultation is waiting for you, regardless of whether you would prefer to book over the phone or online!

We want to hear: do you have any lingering questions about the benefits of dental implants? Be sure to let us know!

Written by Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos

Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Toronto in 1992 after completing 3 years of biochemistry and the 4-year program in dentistry. He enjoys continuing education and has attended numerous rehabilitative and cosmetic dentistry programs, including courses taught by Dr. John Kois.

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