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Sedation Dentistry

Many people become uneasy at the thought of visiting the dentist's office. The sight and sound of the drills and other dental devices may provoke feelings of anxiety and distress. However, by staying away from the dentist and avoiding treatment, these people inevitably develop dental problems that are exacerbated by the lack of professional care. In the end, patients will require more extensive treatment than if they had maintained regular dental care.

At our office, we use oral medications to ensure that our patients with dental anxiety are calm and comfortable throughout their entire appointment. At our practice serving Danforth, Riverdale, and other areas of Toronto, when porcelain dental crowns, dental bridges, or other procedures are provided to those with dental anxiety, sedation dentistry enables many individuals to receive the care they need without the worry or discomfort they usually associate with the dentist.

Sedation dentistry medication usually takes effect about an hour after being ingested. Patients enter into a deep state of relaxation, during which time they can safely undergo dental treatment without fear or stress. We recommend that patients who receive sedation dentistry have someone with them to drive them home after their treatment is complete.