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Tooth-Coloured Fillings

A tooth-coloured filling is a great option for patients who suffer from tooth decay and wish to retain the natural appearance of their teeth. Because they are white rather than silver, tooth-coloured fillings make it nearly impossible for others to tell that you've had any dental work done.

The tooth-coloured resin is first applied in layers and hardened using a high-intensity light. The dentist then shapes the material to the exact contour of your tooth. The procedure is complete after the dentist polishes the tooth to prevent premature wear or staining.

The composite resin reinforces tooth structure and insulates the tooth against extreme changes in temperature, which means that you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverages without pain or discomfort. When placed in smaller cavities, tooth-coloured fillings usually last as long as silver fillings; for larger fillings, an inlay or onlay may be the best option.

View before and after images of tooth-coloured fillings.